The Barents Regional Committee

The Barents Regional Committee is a forum for civil servants from the member counties and a representative of the indigenous peoples. The Committee is responsible for preparing the meetings of the Regional Council.

The Committee prepares the meetings of the Regional Council and implements the decisions taken by the Regional Council. The Chairmanship of the Regional Committee is held by the same county as that of the Regional Council, and consequently alternates every second year. Each Chairman is responsible for setting up a secretariat to assist the work of the Committee.

Västerbotten, Sweden, holds the chairmanship 2019-2021. Read more here.

The Regional Committee meets regularly to discuss multilateral matters. The issues, such as co-operation projects, applications and initiatives are prepared in advance in each county: within the international department of the county administration of Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Norwegian counties have also established Norwegian Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes to organise their joint Barents-related work.

The Regional Committee in Umeå, October 2019

The Regional Working Groups report on a regular basis to the Regional Committee. The Regional Committee has also the possibility to establish short-term ad-hoc working groups. In order to deepen the co-operation within certain areas the Regional Council has established working groups, consisting of appointed experts from the member counties.

At the moment there exist four regional working groups: for the environment, for investment and economic cooperation, for transport and logistics and for Barents regional youth. They report their activities to the Regional Council. There also exist six joint working groups with the Barents Euro-Arctic Council: health and related social issues, education and research, energy, culture, tourism and youth. The joint working groups have a shared chairmanship on national and regional levels. They report both to the Regional Council and the BEAC. Working group of indigenous peoples is the only working group established on a permanent basis and given an advisory role to the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and the Regional Council.

Each county has the responsibility to cover the expenses for their participation in the regional working groups. The Chair county of each working group has the general financial responsibility for the activities, for example for applying for funding from relevant financial institutions i.a. EU programmes.

Barents Programme 2014-2018 as a printable version in English and as a brochure in English and Russian.

For the agendas and protocols of the Regional Committee please contact IBS.

Members of the Regional Committee


Mr. Sergey Kungurtsev
Department of the Regional Policy of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Tel: +7 81853 42252
Mobile: +7 911 670 56 50

Mr. Mikael Bergström
County Administration of Västerbotten
Mobile: +46 70 878 82 64

Ms. Helén Johanne Andersen
Troms og Finnmark County Council
Tel: +47 913 800 78

Ms. Bente Knudsen Helland
Deputy member
Troms og Finnmark County Council
Mobile: +47 915 29 748

Ms. Katja Sukuvaara
Regional Council of Kainuu Region
Tel: +358 44 4100 732

Ms. Hanna Honkamäkilä
Council of Oulu region
Tel: +358 40 685 40 40

Ms. Eilen Wibeke Bruun Zakariassen 
Nordland County Council
Tel: +47 97 77 67 94  

Ms. Päivi Ekdahl
Regional Council of Lapland
Tel: +358 400 383 578

Mr. Håkan Wiklund
County Administration of Norrbotten
Tel: +46 10 225 52 44 


Ms. Ksenia Soldatova
Administration of the Arkhangelsk Region
Governor and Government
Tel. +7 8182 288 169

Mr. Ilya Ostapchuk
Murmansk Regional Government
Tel: +7 8152 486 217

Mr. Evgeniy Grigorjev
Komi Government and Administration
of the Republic of Komi
Tel: +7 8212 285 133; +7 8212 285 133

Mr. Viktor Svirskii
Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia
Tel: +7 8142 792 30 37

Mr. Alexey Tsvetkov
Deputy member
Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia
Tel: +79214547097

Mr. Timo Leinonen
Regional Council of North Karelia
Phone: +358 50 463 14 24

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