Barents Regional Council meetings

The next Barents Regional Council meeting will be held in Kirkenes, June 2, 2013.   

Kiruna, 11, October 2011, Rotation of Chairmanship from Troms to Norrbotten: 
Meeting protocols

Please find the meeting protocols and documents from previous meetings here.

Contact information
Norrbotten Chairmanship of the Barents Regional Council
Mr. Sven-Erik Österberg, County Governor, Chair

Contacted through the Secretariat of the Norrbotten Chairmanship
Mr Brynolf Tjärner, Chair of the Regional Committee
County Administration of Norrbotten
SE-971 86 Luleå, Sweden
Tel: +46 920-96 561
Mobile: +46 70 658 67 97
Fax: +46 920 94 310

Ms Sari Roininen
Senior Advisor
Barents Regional Cooperation
County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
SE-971 86 Luleå, Sweden
Tel: +46 920 961 09
Mob.: +46 70 796 6109
Fax: +46 920 22 84 11

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