Chair region of the Barents Regional Council

Västerbotten (SWE) holds the Chairmanship for the period 2019-2021

vasterbotten chairmanship logo 2019-2021.jpg

County Administrative Board of Västerbotten
Storgatan 71 B
901 86 Umeå 

Västerbotten Chairmanship Program 2019-2021, brochure in English (opens in new window) 

Chairmanship Priorities 
Västerbotten will focus on five horizontal perspectives. The priorities stretch horizontally through all working groups and other Barents entities: 

  • Environment and climate 
  • Youth 
  • Gender equality 
  • Indigenous peoples 
  • Visibility 

More information 
Members of the Regional Council 
Members of the Regional Committee

The next chair of the Barents Regional Council for the period 2021-2023 is (to be updated).  

Photo: Karl Ole Mella 

Past chairs

Finnmark, Norway, held  the Chairmanship 2017-2019 
Chairmanship Program 2017-2019 in English 

Kainuu, Finland, held the Chairmanship 2015-2017
Chairmanship Program 2015-2017 in English | Finnish

Arkhangelsk, Russia, held the Chairmanship 2013-2015
Chairmanship Program 2013-2015 in English | Russian

Norrbotten, Sweden, held the Chairmanship 2011-2013
Chairmanship Program 2011-2013 in English | Russian 
Program as leaflet: English | Russian 

Troms County Council, Norway, held the Chairmanship 2009-2011
Program in English | Norwegian | Russian

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