Encyclopedia of The Barents Region


As a result of the fruitful collaboration between educational institutions of 13 Barents regions, an international Barents academic community issued the Encyclopedia of the Barents Region. It fulfills the project about the Barents Region which started with The Barents Region. A Transnational History of Subarctic Northern Europe. The work on the books lasted 9 years, from 2007 until 2016.

The Encyclopedia of the Barents Region contains 415 articles covering the history, culture, economy of the Barents region from 800-2010, background to the establishment of the Barents Region and transborder cooperation between the inhabitants of the European North with the contribution of about 300 authors from the Barents region. The long-term effect of the project is an extensive Barents network construction, where many researchers have continued their cooperation. The Encyclopedia represents the ultimate guide to the region bridging the gap between Russia and the Nordic countries in terms of geography, history, ethnicity, religion, cultural content, political systems and economies. The Encyclopedia is of interest to academics, policy makers, students and broad audience.

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