10th meeting of Environmental Ministers

Umeå, Sweden, 8-9 November 2011 

Audun Garberg Minister Finland Ville Niinistø IP representative Anna Prakhova Minister Sweden Lena Ek Vice Min Russia Rinat Gizatulin.jpg
L-R: Audun Garberg (NOR), Ville Ninistö (FIN), Anna Prakhova
(Indigenous Peoples' representative), Lena Ek (SWE) and
Rinat Gizatulin (RUS)

Program and Agenda 
Article Barentsobserver

Reports of the work in 2010-2011: 

The Barents Environmental Hot Spots: 
  • The temporary Subgroup on Hot Spots Exclusion Background document 
  • Work and achievements of the WGE Subgroup on Hot Spot Exclusion and the regions, Presentation by Åke Mikaelsson 
  • Waste of woodworking and pulp-and-paper industries, Komi Republic, Presentation by Anton Lelekov 

Barents Protected Area Network (BPAN):

Seminar 9 November: Climate change and energy saving in the Barents region, Programme  

Seminar part 1: 
  • Avec Group, Presentation by Erik Sollen 
  • Regional cooperation in creating sustainable cities, Presentation by Ivan Skrynikov and Ragnhild Svonni 
  • NEFCO perspective on future work to be done, Presentation by Henrik Forsström 
 Seminar part 2: 
  • Effects of culture climate change on biodiversity in the Barents region, Presentation by Anoushka Hof and Roland Jansson 

9th Ministers of Environment Meeting, Tromsø, Norway, 17 February 2010 

Declaration English | Russian 
Agenda English | Russian 
Participants English | Russian 

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