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Photos from the Barents Euro-Arctic Region

More photos and links to photo sources in the region can be found from the

Solovetsky Islands, Arkhangelsk Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Girls in Nelmin-Nos, Russia New school in Nelmin-Nos, Russia
 Winter solstice  Gammelstad, Luleå
 Rovaniemi airport  Murmansk
 Church in Neiden  Reindeer road race, Rovaniemi
 Nenets region, Russia  Sami Court in Tana
Republic of Karelia Petrozavodsk
Photo: Anna Lund Photo: Anna Lund
 Trawler Fleet outside the coasts of Finnmark, Norway  Lena Sheveleva at the Syktyvkar Folk Arts and Handicraft Center
 Solovetsky Islands Inauguration of the Saami Cultural Centre in Lovozero 
Lovozero Republic of Karelia

 Child in Nelmin-Nos during Crow day, Russia

 Reindeer dogs in Nenets, Russia


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