Tomas Hallberg, new Head of the IBS

Tomas Hallberg to take over the IBS on 16 January 2015

After New Year Mr Tomas Hallberg from Sweden will take over as the Head of the International Barents Secretariat when Mr Ari Sirén from Finland concludes his term in mid-January.

2014 Tomas Hallberg.jpgTomas comes from the Swedish Embassy in Moscow, where he worked as a promoter of Swedish exports of environmental technology. He has extensive international experience, primarily in the Nordic and Russian perspective.

His international career began at the Swedish Consulate General in St. Petersburg in 1995, as a representative of law enforcement agencies in the Nordic countries. In the late 90's Tomas became head of European Cities Against Drugs, ECAD, which has its headquarters at City Hall in Stockholm. ECAD is an organization of about 250 cities in 30 countries in Europe working on further development of methods for prevention of drug abuse. Among the most influential cities in the organization were Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. Reykjavik city initiated large international preventions projects, Youth in Europe, where the President of Iceland was patron. In 2008 Tomas moved to Moscow.

As Deputy General Director of IKEA Russia and the CI he spent a couple years in charge of the company's Governmental and Political Relations. 2010 Swedish Embassy in Moscow restarted an effort to promote Swedish company's exports to Russia. Tomas was offered to lead the project and since its inception, among other things, developed a platform for the promotion of green technologies and environmental engineering. We hope that with his experience working in the public sector, large corporations and international NGOs he can continue to develop the work of the International Barents Secretariat in several areas.

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