• Norwegian Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council

    Norwegian Chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council

    Get to know the vision of the Norwegian Chairmanship here ..

  • Barents Success Stories

    Barents Success Stories

    Success stories within the Barents cooperation are featured on our new page. Read more ..

  • Financing of Barents Cooperation

    Financing of Barents Cooperation

    Various financial mechanisms are available to support multilateral project cooperation. Read about funding possibilities ..

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The Barents Euro-Arctic Region

The Barents Euro-Arctic Region

The Barents Region, sometimes referred to as the Euro-Arctic Region, is a young and newly defined region comprising northern parts of Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden. This evolving region is dynamically shaping its identity – drawing from its long history and rich variety of cultures. Even though the Barents region is located on the edge of Europe, it is at the center of growing international cultural, political and economic interests.

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Project funding in Barents

The IBS has gathered information for all Barents relevant funding sources - more information below!

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Internship at the IBS

Click below for more information!

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