Publications on Hot Spots Environmental  Co-operation 


Republic of Komi initiated a project on waste management (Ko6) together with Norsk Energi. Watch a short video on introduction of separate waste collection and recycling in Syktyvkar:

More about the Ko6 waste management project (in Russian)


Read a brochure about Barents Hot Spot Facility administered by NEFCO.

Read about the results of the Hot Spots Exclusion work under the Swedish Chairmanship of the BEAC Working Group on Environment in 2018-2020. Hot Spots Fact Sheet 2020  

In February 2020, two pilot Hot Spots followed the Full Track Exclusion Procedure and were excluded from the Barents List: Ko3-2 Mondi Syktyvkar Pulp and Paper Mill (wastewater discharge), located in the Komi Republic, and K5 Sewage treatment in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia. Watch the videos produced by the Hot Spots owners - Mondi Syktyvkar JSC and Petrozavodsk Communal Systems - Vodokanal JSC - on environmental improvements at both installations:

Ko3-2: 'Frankly about Mondi'. Part 1. 19 November 2019 and Part 2. 16 June 2020 by Yurgan TV, Komi Republic (in Russian).


K5: 'Clean Water. Reconstruction of the Sewage treatment facility in Petrozavodsk' by PKS-Vodokanal JSC

Read the Article 'BAT as Criteria for Excluding Russian Industrial Installations from the List of Environmental Hot Spots of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region' (by Dmitry Skobelev and Åke Mikaelsson).

Read about the results of the Hot Spots Exclusion work under the Norwegian Chairmanship of the BEAC Working Group on Environment in 2016-2017. Hot Spots Fact Sheet 2017

Read the publication Hot Spots - Tackling environmental challenges in the Barents Region, released by NEFCO in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

Read the first Assessment of the Barents Hot Spot Report describing the state of 42 original Barents environmental 'hot spots', produced on behalf on NEFCO/BHSF (by Akvaplan-niva and System Development Agency)

Read the report Overview of a selection of facilities for treatment and destruction of organic hazardous waste in the Barents and Baltic Sea region countries (by Ecolabel Partnership and Virebit Ltd) .

Best Environmental Practices in the Mining Sector in the Barents Region. Read the Report from the International Conference held in April 2013 in Rovaniemi, Finland

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