The purpose of the Barents Environmental Hot Spots Information System is to provide due continuously updated information to stakeholders, decision makers and the general public and serve as a tool for those involved in the process of excluding the environmental hot spots.

In 2005, the Ministers of Еnvironment of the four Barents countries - Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden - defined the goal to start launching investment projects in all of the Barents environmental hot spots by 2013 with the aim of eliminating these hot spots. In 2010, a procedure for exclusion of the 42 environmental hot spots from the Barents environmental hot spot list was presented to the Ministers of Environment. 

Read about improvements at Barents Hot Spots from the 2017 Fact Sheet !

Publication on environmental co-operation in the Barents Region 
NEFCO has, together with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and the Barents Euro-Arctic Council released a publication named "Hot Spots - Tackling environmental challenges in the Barents Region". (11/2013)

Press release (4.12.2013): Three sites excluded from the Barents environmental “hot spots” list.

Press relase (11.10.2011): Progress in Exclusion of the Barents Environmental Hot Spots



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