The CYAR programme is implemented at two levels: 

CYAR Steering Committee   

The steering level is represented by the steering committee. Members of the Steering committee are representatives of relevant authorities at the regional level responsible for the programme development and planning of activities. 

At the operative level there are local coordinators responsible for realization of project activities. The programme is anchored in the regional/republican authorities through their participation in the Steering Committee (members are appointed by the respective regional authorities).

•    Norway – chair 
•    Murmansk oblast - deputy chair 
•    Finland 
•    Sweden
•    Arkhangelsk oblast
•    Republic of Komi
•    Republic of Karelia
•    A representative for the indigenous people in the Barents region – BEAC Working Group of Indigenous Peoples

CYAR Secretariat

The Regional Office for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufetat) Northern Norway executes the functions of a secretariat and is responsible for coordination of the programme activities, applications for financing, reporting to stakeholders, enabling communication between partners.

Contact person: Marina Zyryanova, project manager, e-mail:


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