Programmes and methods

CYAR selected programmes and methods  

The CYAR programme is operationalized through the CYAR Programme support project “Children and Youth At Risk in the Barents region” which has the following objectives:

o    Improved overview of the situation of children and youth at risk
o     Knowledge exchange
o     Implementation of selected knowledge-based methods / programmes
o     Development of the information network

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The implementation of the CYAR project is being realized in accordance with the following guiding principles:

-    The implemented methods/programmes are to be integrated in the ordinary services of institutions with responsibility for children and families in the regions-partners of the CYAR programme;

-    Sustainability of the project results is ensured through anchoring at the level of regional and republican authorities (protocols on intentions and memoranda of intentions) as well as in the cooperation agreements at the national level (as partners in the Barents region, bilateral cooperation agreements between Norwegian and Russian Ministries of Justice);

-    During the project period the relevant authorities in partner regions take over responsibility for the programmes and their use in their region.

The activity within the project is organized according to the objectives above and has four main directions:
I.     Developing a situation overview of CYAR in the Barents region – creating an updated situation overview by means of regular reports from the Barents partners
II.     Exchange of expert knowledge – by means of arranging an annual expert conference on selected topics in accordance with the CYAR programme profile.
III.    Competence sharing on selected methods/programmes – by means of dissemination of methods with documented results throughout the Barents region
IV.    Information and network building – by means of establishing a functional and systematically updated web-site for the CYAR programme and all the relevant partners.

The project’s core activity is Part III: dissemination of the research-based methods/programmes, which are presented below.

CYAR Project Part III - Competence sharing

The methods selected for dissemination purposes in the Barents region are (link opens in new window): 

1.    The Incredible Years Programme
2.    Aggression Replacement Training – ART and Family-ART 
3.    Family Group Conferences 
4.    Restorative Justice – Juvenile Mediation 
5.    From Violence To Caring 
6.    What About Us? 

These have the following characteristics in common;

•    They are directed at prioritized CYAR target groups
•    They are knowledge-based, i.e. their effect is documented by research
•    There are positive results from both Nordic and North-West Russian regions
•    Dissemination of these positive results is requested by the Barents partners

This web-page briefly presents all the methods and programmes, their main characteristics and how they were applied in the world in general and in North-West Russia in particular. It contains contact information and useful links for those interested in more detailed information.

The Steering Committee invites organizations who would like to learn more about the programmes and participate in the dissemination activities to contact their regional representative in the committee for further information.

CYAR brochure

CYAR Information booklet 

An uncompressed pdf-file of the booklet for printing purposes, can be ordered from the CYAR Secretariat

List of institutions participating in the CYAR programme:




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