Background and objectives of the CYAR programme

The Children and Youth At Risk in the Barents region (CYAR 2008 - 2019) is a co-operation programme adopted and owned by the Joint Working Group on Health and related Social Issues (JWGHS) of the Council of the Barents Euro-arctic region and therefore endorsed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

The JWGHS consists of representatives of the national and regional health authorities of the Barents countries and works closely with organizations such as the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). The Indigenous People’s Working Group is represented by a member. The EU Commission, the WHO, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the NDPHS take part in the work as needed.

JWGHS develops a Co-operation Programme on Health and Related Social Issues in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region for a period of four years. The present programme includes the sub-programme “Children and Youth At Risk” (CYAR) for the same period. 

CYAR document archive  

Objectives of the CYAR Programme 2016 - 2019

The programme has been developed as a result of growing concern regarding marginalized youth and children in the region and is based on input from all Barents partners on national and regional strategies regarding vulnerable children, as well as the evaluation and experiences from CYAR I and II. There is consensus that the most important and key-word in ongoing realization of the programme is ‘the best interest of the child”.  

The CYAR programme is coordinated by a Steering committee (SC) composed by all Barents partners. In the present programme period, the CYAR partners emphasize that special attention will be given to;  

improving positive parenting skills;
improving systems for protection of children`s rights in collaboration with children’s ombudsmen;
prevention of violence against children;
sustainability of best practice competence building results from CYAR I and II;
utilizing web-based technology and e-learning in best practice dissemination;
alternative reactions to traditional punishment for children in conflict with the law, and restorative justice;
prevention of trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and young people. 

The CYAR programme emphasizes that all efforts should aim to strengthen the public services and their ability to adequately assist and support children and youth on the individual level. The programme aims to improve life conditions for the youth and children at risk through cooperative actions in general (creating frameworks for exchange of information) and project activities in particular (building partnerships between public institutions at all levels and non-governmental organizations in the Barents region with responsibility for the well-being of youth and children).

In the work of the CYAR programme, family is the key word. All efforts should promote the sustainment, strengthening, recreation, or – as a last resort – substitution of the family.

This web-page briefly presents the programme «Children and Youth At Risk» and its activities, the methods implemented within CYAR and contact information for the Steering Committee, the Secretariat and regional representatives. You will also find the coordinators and useful links for each programme or method.

The Steering Committee invites organizations who would like to learn more about the programmes and participate in the dissemination activities to contact their regional representative in the committee for further information. The full version of the CYAR 2016-2019 programme you can read here 

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