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Meet our new intern


Rosa-Maren Magga started as a new intern at IBS.


Rosa-Maren has worked for years on the field of media in Finnish national TV and radio broadcasting company Yle. She has done her master’s degree in Sami cultural studies at the University of Oulu. Her master’s thesis is about the Sami indigenous diplomacy. She has also studied in Canada at the University of Saskatchewan and at the Columbia University in New York City. Outside the university studies she has gained a lot of experience and knowledge on indigenous cooperation, international indigenous politics and indigenous rights.

She is a Sami reindeer herder from Enontekio, Finland. “As reindeer herder you see the effects of climate change from very close and it’s the same for all the indigenous peoples living of the nature. The Barents region is a very interesting one covering such a big area, with four countries and different peoples. Still the area and current issues are concerning all of us, so that is why we need to cooperate.” In her point of view the IBS is a great example of international cooperation and the Barents region has a lot of potential to develop the collaboration even more.

Kirkenes seems like a great place to stay during this internship. It’s surprisingly international and surrounded by the beautiful nature, says Rosa-Maren. Her contact details could be found here.

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