Joint Working Group on Youth

Main goal of Joint Working Group on Youth (JWGY) is to increase youth cooperation in the Barents Region. Two working groups within the BEAC structure - Working Group on Youth Policy (WGYP) and Regional Working Group on Youth Issues were merged into Joint Working Group on Youth. The merging concentrated the BEAC efforts on youth direction and increased their effectiveness.

The Regional Working Group on Youth Issues was established by the Barents Regional Committee to support the implementation of the Youth Program. The Group works in close cooperation with the intergovernmental Working Group on Youth Policy (WGYP).

More information can be found here.

Barents Regional Youth Council (BRYC)

Barents Regional Youth Council works with the aim to strengthen the youth cooperation in the Barents Region and empower young generation to participate more actively in the Barents regional development. 

BRYC consists of 14 members representating the youth from each county, oblast, republic and okrug in the Barents region as well as the indigenous youth. More information can be found here.

Barents Youth Co-operation Office (BYCO)

The Barents Youth Co-operation Office was established with the aim to provide information for youth groups, organisations and networks about national and international financial resources for projects, possible partners and ongoing youth projects and meetings in the Barents Region. BYCO worked from 2002 to 2016.  


Valery Scotorenko
Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

Grigoriy Kovalev
Chief of Youth Affairs and Patriotic Education Unit in the Department of Internal Policy of the Administration of Arkhangelsk Region
Tel: +7 8182245928, +7 9642923330

Natalia Chicherina
Acting Rector / Ph.D., Associate Professor
Northern (Arctic) Federal University
Tel. +7 8182218927, +7 9212404561

Alexey Pisarev
Head of Youth Affairs Department
Committee for NGO Relations and Youth Policy of the Murmansk Region
Tel: +7 8152486939 +7 8152486939

Seija Astala
Counsellor for Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Education and Culture
Tel: +358 295330066, +385 405155818

Tommy André Knutsen
Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion
Tel: +47 22242437

Hanne-Sofie Roaldsen
Youth coordinator/Adviser
Troms County Administration, Norway
Tel. +47 77788071, +47 90193931

Lotta Jarvenius Rössner
Programme Officer
Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society
Tel. +46 856621932
E-mail :

Mikael Bergström
Chief Transport Officer and Barents Coordinator
County Administration Board of Västerbotten
Tel: +46 102254475, +46 708788264 

Other members
Tatiana Egorova
Indigenous Peoples' representative
Tel: +79 522994507

Inna Fedorova
Barents Regional Youth Council (BRYC)
Tel. +7 (921) 150 06 04

Timme Ellingjord
Norwegian Barents Secretariat
Tel: +47 996 93 788


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