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The AMAP/NEFCO Hot Spot List represents 42 serious environmental challenges in the Russian part of the Barents region. The Environment Ministers of the Barents Region have set the goal to launch relevant investment projects in all of the Barents environmental hot spots with the aim to be able to exclude them from the list.

The Subgroup on Hot Spots Exclusion of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council's Working Group on Environment serves as the central driving force and coordinator in the work. The operative work for exclusion of the environmental Hot Spots from the list requires thorough effort from regional authorities and other stakeholders. The Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO) conducts pre-feasibility studies, in order to develop modernization projects excluding the hot spots.

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Past events and projects

December 2014: Extended SHE meeting in Arkhangelsk with attendance of  the Arkhangelsk regional group for hot spot exclusion, hot spot owners and international financing institutions  

April 2014: Extended SHE meeting in Petrozavodsk with attendance of the Karelian regional group for hot spots exclusion, hot spot owners and international financing institutions

December 2013: Three hot spots excluded and new reports published at the meeting of Barents Ministers of Environment

February 2010: Exclusion of the Barents Environmental Hot Spots - Final Report to the Ministers 

2003: The AMAP/NEFCO Report on Hot Spots


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