Ministerial Meetings documents


BEAC Ministers of Culture Meeting, November 9th 2016, Moscow, Russia.

BEAC Ministers of Transport and Logistics Meeting, June 21st, Archangelsk, Russia.


12th Ministers of Environment Meeting, 24-25 November 2015, Sortavala, Karelia, Russia

15th BEAC Foreign Ministers Session, 14-15 October 2015, Oulu, Finland


11th Ministers of Environment Meeting, 4-5 December 2013, Inari, Finland

  • Declaration 
  • Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents Cooperation | English | Russian 
  • Assessment of the Barents Hot Spot Report - Describing the state of 42 original Barents environmental "Hot Spots" | English | Russian 
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14th BEAC Foreign Ministers Session, 28-29 October 2013, Tromsø, Norway

BEAC Ministers of transport and infrastructure, 24 September 2013, Narvik, Norway

Prime Ministers Summit, 4-5 June 2013, Kirkenes, Norway


13th BEAC Foreign Ministers Session, 11-12 October 2011, Kiruna, Sweden

10th Ministers of Environment Meeting, 8-9 November 2011, Umeå, Sweden 


Ministers of Competetiveness Meeting, 18-19 May 2010, Umeå, Sweden

9th Ministers of Environment Meeting, 17 February 2010, Tromsø, Norway


12th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 14-15 October 2009, Murmansk, Russia


8th Ministers of Environment Meeting, 9 November 2007, Moscow, Russia

11th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 14-15 November 2007, Rovaniemi, Finland


7th Ministers of Environment Meeting, 19 October 2005, Rovaniemi, Finland

  10th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 9-10 November 2005, Harstad, Norway


BEAC Midterm Review Meeting, 13-15 September 2004, Solovetskie Islands, Russia


9th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 2-3 October 2003, Umeå, Sweden

Prime Ministers summit, 11 January 2003, Kirkenes, Norway


8th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 14-15 March 2001, Murmansk, Russia


7th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 14-15 March 2000, Oulu, Finland


6th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 4-5 March 1999 Bodø, Norway


5th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 20 January 1998, Luleå, Sweden


4th BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, 5-6 November 1996, Petrozavodsk, Russia


3rd BEAC Foreign Ministers Meeting in Rovaniemi

  • Joint Communique 1995


2nd Foreign Ministers Meeting, 14-15 September 1994, Tromsø, Norway


1st Foreign Ministers Meeting, 11 January 1993, Kirkenes, Norway


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