Barents Euro-Arctic Council

logo-barents-transparent.pngThe Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) is the forum for intergovernmental cooperation on issues concerning the Barents region.

The BEAC meets at Foreign Ministers' level in the chairmanship country at the end of each BEAC chairmanship term. Between the ministerial meetings, the Committee of Senior Officials organizes the work of BEAC.

The chairmanship rotates every second year between Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden.

Russia took over the BEAC Chairmanship from Finland at the 15th BEAC Ministerial Session in Oulu, Finland on 14th October 2015. The next chair of the BEAC will be Sweden (2017-2019).


Chair 2015-2017: Russia 
The Barents Cooperation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

Chair 2013-2015: Finland
The Barents Cooperation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Chair 2011-2013: Norway
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway

Chair 2009-2011: Sweden
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Chair 2007-2009: The Russian Federation
The Barents Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Chair 2005-2007: Finland
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

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