• Climate Change

    Climate Change

    New Action Plan on Climate Change for the Barents co-operation is published in March. Read more ..



    Are you familiar with Barents Environmental Hot Spots? Read more ..

  • 1st Barents Indigenous Peoples' Summit!

    1st Barents Indigenous Peoples' Summit!

    The summit will take place in Moscow, April 28th 2017. Read more ..

  • New funding portal is now open!

    New funding portal is now open!

    How to finance Barents cooperation projects?

  • Submit Project Information

    Submit Project Information

    What projects is your working group planning or implementing at the moment? Help us spread knowledge about the Barents projects by submitting information through our online form. Read more ..

Barents Euro-Arctic Council

Barents Euro-Arctic Council is the forum for intergovernmental and interregional cooperation in the Barents Region.

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The Barents Euro-Arctic Region

The Barents Euro-Arctic Region

The Barents Region, sometimes referred to as the Euro-Arctic Region, is a young and newly defined region, still trying to create an identity, but at the same time it is largely influenced by ancient history and cultures. It is located in the periphery of Europe, however, is at the center of international political and economic interests.

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Project funding in Barents

How to make your Barents project dreams come true? We have gathered information for all Barents relevant funding sources in our new portal.

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During two missions, in 2007 and 2012, Swedish journalist Tom Juslin traveled through the Nordic countries to find out how climate change affects people, animals and nature, his "Climate Journey" exhibition opens the planned series of exhibitions in Kirkenes.

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